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Adukan pmae Hokben Call Centre If Late Delivery

Hokben provides services if  something   happens  that doesn’t please you,  complain straight to the H okben call center. This is very clear so that we, Hokben can improve the  service and give a reprieve to the workers on duty. Because it is our duty to provide the best service.

This  unique themed fast food restaurant  has been established in Indonesia for a long time . There are so many  food  fans  from this restaurant. One of the reasons why this Hokben restaurant is   unique is its food menu.   Japanese-style food  is provided  by this restaurant formerly known as Hoka Hoka  Bento.

Many  branches  have been opened by  Hokben, for now Hokben covers from Java, Bali,  and pioneered other islands.    So the  expansion  of the  market outside the two islands  is  still stagnant.   The survival of this  restaurant  is because it  has a taste that suits the tongue of Indonesians.

In addition,  the  call center that Hokben has always sought to provide the best service to its loyal customers.   Whether it’s to receive complaints or other information.   Includes information for ordering procedures. So if you are still curious and have questions, please contact CS Hokben.

Adukan pmae Hokben Call Centre if the Order is Late

Of course, the call center’s task is to receive calls from customers that are spread throughout Indonesia.   Whether it’s  a  new customer  or a loyal customer, surely the  call center   officer will still  provide the best  service   to be satisfied.   That’s the  basic overview  of call  center  goals and tasks.

The call can include anything, as explained above, which is complaints  , curious about promos i just want to know  the menu available.   Call center  officers must be  on standby to serve all types of questions and complaints from customers.

Although it has long been  established in Indonesia and has many  loyal customers,  it does not rule out the possibility of Hokben making mistakes. So the important role of this call centre.   To bridge between the Hokben side and the customer if there are complaints or later suggestions  that will be helpful for improvement.

For those of you with problems or complaints,  complain straight to the Hokben call centre  so that there is a later follow-up. So that we will  take further steps immediately to provide improvements so that the same error does not  occur afterwards.   We will give a  reprieve if any of our officers make a mistake.

Such as complaints if the delivery person   comes late in delivery to the destination.   Maybe  if  it’s  late in minutes,  it doesn’t matter to some people, but if the   person  can’t  stay because  there’s another agenda. It  was  very upsetting and uncomfortable of course.

Especially if the expected order  has  arrived  late, when  it is   enjoyed  , it  turns out that the order is not  suitable , it will   be very disturbing.   Immediately you notify  our call center in the email We  are ready to receive  and submit your complaints at a later date and follow immediately.

Hokben Call Centre, Ready 24 hours

Our call center officers will  be ready to serve you for a full 24 hours. This is because some branches owned by Hokben itself have 24-hour  operating hours  . So if  you  need help or just want  to  make a complaint,  you can contact our CS.

To satisfy loyal customers and provide the best service  ,  as  well as to make improvements in service if there are complaints.   Later  the complaint  will be an evaluation  of  the  performance of  each employee from Hokben.    This  restaurant, which  has been established for over 30 years, is certainly experienced in dealing with consumers.

So our  call center officers will have  how to serve customer needs.   In addition to the  above  email,  you can also contact our FP through other platforms.   Such as from our social  media  pages on twitter, IG and facebook.

You can ask or complain to the Hokben call center  there.  Starting  from  the  operating hours  of  the hokben branch you want to go and present a review  of your experience of enjoying food at this restaurant with Japanese-style cuisine.   As usual from this  social media page  ,  various promos will be submitted.

The promo  can certainly be enjoyed  with terms and conditions that apply.   Learn and pay attention to  every detail of the promo, if it’s not clear,  you can ask the call center directly.   It is hoped  that with  this call  centre,  Hokben  will  become a restaurant that has high trust of the community and  can be accepted.

Do you have a complaint? Complain to  Hokben call centre immediately

Of course we  have communicated  several times if you have a complaint  immediately contact our call centre. In order to be used immediately as  an evaluation for all parties, and  improvements  are made  in service.    Customer satisfaction   is our  priority, in addition to CS  complaints we also  receive reviews from our  restaurants.

This  review  can be said to  be similar to complaints but not outright complaints. There could be reviews of how  satisfied  Hokben’s service is  . So,  in addition to being able to be communicated directly to CS officers, you can also submit reviews on  Hokben’s old  social  media.

Connecting to CS can also be through  this restaurant’s official Japanese-themed  website platform.   By selecting the Contact Us sub-menu  , and filling out the form accordingly. If you have lodged a review or complaint at  the Hokben call centre, apart from  that you can also place an order through the website.

Of course, you must have  had an account before  or registered an account. If it’s not easy, just fill out the email and other forms  correctly. If so, you can start ordering the available food menu  later. This  is adjusted to the nearest outlet to you and whether it reaches the last destination of  the  delivery later.

Ask or want to complain about itin Hokben call centre, We are ready

If you have questions about information such as distribution, you can contact   the  specific delivery CS directly at the  1500505 number.   When calling the  service and asking the total price,  it  will be fully communicated  which already  pays  the taxes and shipping  costs  .

So you don’t have to  worry about the  employees overstating the shipping  costs  later, because they’re pre-arranged.    But if there’s something that doesn’t please when the  delivery  happens either before or after the  order arrives, you can sampfish complaint straight to the call center via  The email directly.

For information listed on  our pages, either social media or websites, request it immediately.   I’d be happy   to  explain this to you so there’s no more curiosity.   Users usually  often ask for promos and conditions to  be able to  get  these promos.

This  hal is to avoid misunderstandings in the interpretation of available promos. We   have indeed tried our best  to  convey information  clearly, but it is possible to pay less attention to the information that has been clearly stated  , he said.

By  interacting directly with users  , it is hoped that Hokben’s  call  can  go in for officials to submit suggestions or complaints from users for evaluation materials at a later date. In order to provide the  best service,  you  need feedback from customers and  complain immediately to the Hokben call centre  if there are complaints.

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